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Go 2 Motorcyle Tours

Colorado Cannabis Tour

"First Ever of it's kind in the Country"!

We have taken the steps to provide a exclusive, responsible experience that is both safe and legal. This tour provides those who want to explore the legal side of Colorado's Marijuana industry and the exclusivity of a private resort that will be the hub of a multi day private tour experience. This tour is for those who want to tour the diverse cannabis industry and then a private Estate to enjoy your multi day rides. We are  partnering up with Colorado Cannabis Tours in Denver and the Bella Vista Estate in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. When you arrive in Denver you will be toured by the "Number One" cannabis touring company in the state! They will take to all aspects of the industry from Industrial growing sites, to glass blowers, then to dispensaries, The following day you will embark guided through some of the most beautiful riding Colorado has to offer to stay at your own private Estate and exclusive group experience at the glorious Bella Vista Estate.  There we will provide multi day tours and optional available activities in the area. 

Private Tours

Having been in the Moto business for years, we know that there are many people who would like to plan their own adventure.  Contact us and we will help you plan out your own!

Bella Vista Estate Tour

"The Exclusive Sanctuary Tour Experience"


You and your group will experience a private resort all to your own in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The Bella Vista Estate is a vacation within your vacation! Your group up to 30 can experience a 360 degree vista on top of one of the most remarkable locations in Colorado. The Bella Vista Estate caters to your own needs, and the staff will make sure during your stay you will be pampered. We will guide you in and out of Bella Vista and a group. You can also choose from several alternate activities and services that we can set up for you. For example you can experience having your own private Masseuse to a culinary arts Chef for your group. We will strive to make your tour experience to order. From Bella Vista you will tour the best riding Colorado has to offer. From stunning high mountain passes and canyons, to twisty mountain byways. Contact us today for you very own group experience like no other!